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    Celebrate International Wine Day with Koshu Wine!

    16 May 2019

    Yamanashi Prefecture is the Home of Japanese Wine

    Grapes were first brought to Japan 1,300 years ago by Buddhist monks via China and the Silk Road. These fruits originated in what is today’s Georgia in the Caucasus region, however, due to the humidity and other factors, winemaking did not progress in the island nation. It was only at the end of the Sakoku (isolation) period and with the beginning of the Meiji era that the government started sending people to Europe to learn winemaking. Bringing back what they learned in Europe (tweaked to Japanese conditions) as well as fermentation facilities, Yamanashi Prefecture became home to the first wineries in Japan.

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    Koshu Grapes

    Koshu (甲州 kōshū) is a white wine grape variety that has been grown primarily in Yamanashi Prefecture of Japan. Though long thought to be of exclusively European origin, it is now known to be a hybrid (probably naturally occurring) of Europe's Vitis vinifera and one or more Asian Vitis species. They are thick-skinned making them fairly resistant to disease. The aromatics are delicate, with notes of Japanese citrus and savoury, minerally flavours. The name “Koshu” is a former name for Yamanashi.


    Koshu Wine Characteristics

    The unique, delicate, almost demure-like qualities of Koshu wines from Japan are quietly, but surely, building up a fan base amongst wine professionals and Michelin star chefs.

    Koshu has fresh but rounded acidity, and several aromatic compounds in common with Sauvignon Blanc. The most familiar Koshu style is an ultra-delicate, subtle dry white with a sleek texture.

    Koshu wine is made pink coloured grape, grown in the foothills of Mount Fuji, and its subtle, nuanced, fresh flavours pair with a whole range of dishes, not only the Japanese food but Western cuisine as well.

    The recommended wine is Chanmoris Koshu Wine Shiro Yamanashikensan uses 100% of grapes from Yamanashi prefecture in Japan. It is a slightly dry white wine characterized by a refreshing smell and clean taste. Celebrate International Wine on May 25th with unique Koshu Wine!