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    Celebrate Mother’s Day with the Elegant You's Time Light Liqueur!

    09 May 2019

    How does Japan Celebrate Mother’s Day?

    It is commonly believed that the first Mother’s Day celebration in Japan occurred on 6th March, the birthday of Empress Kojun, who was the mother of Akihito (Heisei era emperor). The celebration later became fully established alongside the organization of the Imperial Women’s Union in 1931. During the Second World War, the Japanese were prohibited from celebrating Western customs and Mother’s Day was brought to an abrupt end. In 1949, when the War was over, and Mother’s Day saw brought back again. The date was changed to the second Sunday of May, and it continues to be celebrated to this day.

    Since its revival, Mother’s Day has been celebrated widely across Japan. Nowadays, many festivities are undertaken in celebration and it has become one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants and shopping malls.

    On this day, roses are symbolically gifted to show love, honour, faith, devotion and beauty. Alternatively, carnations can be presented – most popularly the red or pink variety; as they symbolize purity, sweetness and endurance. The act of giving flowers is a very popular thing to do to celebrate.

    As is common in the West, a variety of delicacies are prepared by the children, for their mother. In Japan, simple but flavorful dishes like sushi, miso and tamagoyaki are a common feature on menus on Mother’s Day. Other common activities include personalized arts and crafts as well as calligraphy gifts.

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    Recommended sake gift for Mother’s Day

    You's Time Light is a sensational super refreshing Yuzu citrus liquor made by 14 years running Gold Medal awarded premium sake brewery Saito Shuzo in Kyoto, Japan. Using premium quality Yuzu fruits (a cross between Japanese mandarin & lime) only grown in Japan infused in the award-winning premium ginjo grade sake with a secret golden ration, You's Time Light is sweet and tangy, low in alcohol, easy to drink sake based liquor can be enjoyed as aperitif, palette cleanser or dessert. Drink chilled or on ice.

    We invite you to surprise your beloved mother with their favorite dish and toast a glass of You's Time Light on Mother’s Day!

    yous time llight 375ml