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    March 13th is sandwich day! Learn about unique Japanese sandwiches

    07 Mar 2019

    Rice may be the staple food of Japan, but Japanese people also love bread. When it comes to breads, there are as many types of sandwiches as there are shops specializing in them. You may be a little surprised with just how prevalent sandwiches are in Japan, and you'll see many varieties at supermarkets and convenience stores. We would like to introduce a few of the unique Japanese sandwiches!

    Fruit Sandwich

    While the idea of fruit sandwiched between bread might sound a little bit strange, in Japan fruit sandwiches are a popular sweet treat. They’re made with whipped cream and fresh fruit between two slices of sandwich bread without the crust. Fruit such as strawberries, banana, melon, orange, kiwi and other fruits are commonly used. The soft bread matches the richness of the fresh cream and the sweet and sour taste of the fruit, so it is a great refreshing desert.


    Katsu Sandwich

    The katsu sando is a simple thing: two slices of cotton-like shokupan (Japanese milk bread), slathered with zingy tonkatsu sauce, with a thick cutlet of meat that’s been lightly breaded and fried. Sometimes there’s a little raw cabbage salad on the side (or even stuffed into the sandwich itself). The all-panko breading makes each square inch of the cutlet super crunchy. The tonkatsu sauce cuts through the richness of the cutlet and adds some depth.


    Yakisoba Bread

    Yakisoba can be regarded as the national food of Japan. A type of noodles specially for steam-use stir-fried together with vegetables, pork, mushrooms and mixed with sauce, yakisoba is frequently eaten in general households. The yakisoba pan (yakisoba bread) is prepared by stuffing yakisoba noodles into cut flat bread that look like the French bread. Some may think that it is unbelievable that noodles and bread can be eaten at the same time, but it seems like there are many people who love this combination!


    Tamagoyaki sandwich

    Fluffy Japanese style omelet is sandwiched between equally fluffy pieces of bread. The standard Japanese egg sandwich is generally thought of as being made with chopped egg and mayonnaise, but in the Kansai region, sandwiches made with omelets are common as well. Recently, this type of egg sandwich is becoming a popular trend in Japan.


    The best drink to complement the sandwiches is of course beer!

    Echigo Koshihikari Beer is the flagship brand of Echigo Brewery. It is a rice style lager with 5% alcohol. It’s a pale golden color that comes out of the bottle, with a strong head that quickly fades. It has a slightly acidic tang to the regular lager flavor, but it is not too overpowering. The beer has a crisp and refreshing flavor, and exceptionally soothing and smooth quality. The sweet aroma of rice, and eloquent fragrance of hops, make it the perfect complement to any dish.

    March 13th is Sandwich Day so we invite to have your favourite sandwich (or if you are brave try making one of the unique Japanese sandwiches!) with a glass of Echigo Koshihikari Rice Lager.