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    Try something different this Christmas instead of the usual Champagne or sparkling wine!

    20 Dec 2018


    With the holiday season in full swing, sparkling wine and Champagne consumption is on the rise. Fizzy drinks go with the season – bottles are popped open at office Christmas parties, midday festive lunches, or enjoyed by the fire at night. If you are fond of bubbly alcoholic beverages, you may be looking for something a little different this year, to expand your palate and keep the monotony at bay. Sparkling sake is the answer!

    Although there are no legal specifications to define the sparkling sake category, it is usually distinguished by its low alcohol content and sweet rice taste. It is becoming increasingly popular among younger and female drinkers. Most varieties are slightly cloudy, sweet and tangy with alcohol content below sake’s average 15%. The sweetness comes from rice and most of the sparkling sake has no added sugar, as their ingredients are the same as normal sake, i.e. rice, rice koji, yeast and water.

    The sparkling part come through during fermentation. When yeast is added to sake rice, it begins to “eat” these sugars from rice and converts them into alcohol and carbon dioxide (bubbles). In normal sake, these bubbles escape the fermentation tank, resulting in the more familiar, flat sake. Through a practice called tank fermentation, the bubbles are kept in the tank and forced to dissolve into the beverage through increased pressure. This method is also used in beer production.

    Another way is to add a small portion of the yeast-laden lees to the sake before bottling to induce secondary fermentation, mirroring champagne production. Bottle fermentation tend to result in more cloudy sake, with smaller bubbles and finer texture.

    Sparkling sake works best in your champagne flutes. The flute brings out the goodness in sparkling sake in the same way it does for sparkling wine. But for something with a touch of bubbly effervescence, the Aai Sparkling Sake on the right is the perfect refreshment so give yourself a chance to dust off your favorite flutes. Sparkling sake is a new style of sake enjoyment. It is easy to drink and refreshing with fruity and sweet taste.

    Aai Sparkling Sake will be a perfect starter of your Christmas party with your friends, family or colleagues. It goes well with fresh oysters, fresh salmon carpaccio and sashimi with wasabi.

    We invite to try Aai Sparkling Sake during this Christmas, served chilled in your favorite flute glass!

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