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    Enhance your sake experience with three different sake cups!

    29 Nov 2018


    The combination of good sake and fine Japanese yakimono (pottery) is one the simple joys in life which can draw you in and absorb your attention to the exclusion of everythingelse, if even for just a few moments. Although there is much more to yakimono than only tokkuri (flasks) and guinomi (cups), the overlap of this special niche of the pottery world with the world of sake buzzes with a magic all its own.

    Guinomi come in many different shapes and size and we would like to introduce different types of guinomi and how they affect the way sake tastes.

    These Ikkon-hai cups are made in Gifu prefecture which is famous for its Mino-yaki pottery style. The shape of the cup brings out the characteristics of sake such as aroma and taste; and make sake tasting experience more enjoyable.

    Wanguri (Wide Mouth) Cup

    This sake cup has moderate opening, which allows plenty of sake to fall into the center of your tongue. It will make you enjoy the flavor for a long time filled with umami and sweetness.

    This cup is recommended for rich taste, light aroma sake. It is especially suitable for junmai sake since it is a sake with pure and sweet taste of rice and rich umami flavor.




    Rappa (Trumpet) Ctyle Cup

    This trumpet-shaped cup fills the mouth with sake and brings high aroma through throat to nose. You can fully enjoy the fragrance. This cup is suitable for ginjo or daiginjo sake which are highly aromatic.

    A wide opening will let you feel aroma as soon as you bring the cup close to your mouth. When you drink from this type of cup, sake will enter horizontally in front of your mouth. Sake will spread to the left and right in the mouth all the while until it reaches the throat; and you will be able to feel the scent travelling from the back of the palate to the nose.

    We recommend this cup when you want to enjoy the aroma of the sake.




    Tsubomi (Tulip) Shaped Cup

    The opening of the cup is small, therefore it hits your nose directly and does not incline. It keeps the aroma inside the cup and your nose act as a lid locking in the aroma inside of the cup. The fragrance goes straight into the nose and reaches the tip of your tongue.

    The tulip shaped cup is designed to enjoy sipping sake which has more aroma and bold taste.




    Recommened sake

    We recommend a fragrant sake to go with the cups. Try Eikun Koto Sennen Junmai Ginjo sake with each cup and change your tasting experience.

    It is a junmai ginjo sake which is very fragrant and super clean. It has a fruity sweet and sour fragrance reminiscent of grapefruit, mandarin orange, pineapple and yogurt slowly spreads in the mouth until the very end of the palate. It is made from Iwai rice which gives this sake a smooth mouthfeel. Compared with light taste daiginjo this sake has more pronounced sharpness as it strikes your palate, however aftertaste is refreshing and light.

    We invite you enjoy this sake with each of the cups and enjoy and discover how the same sake can taste so different depending on the choice of the sake cup. We let you decide which cup is the best for Eikun Koto Sennen Junmai Ginjo!