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    With over 320 years of sake brewing experience

    06 Aug 2018


    The brewery

    With over 320 years of sake brewing experience, Muromachi Shuzo in Okayama Prefecture
    takes pride in its sake brewing technique handed down from generation to generation, as well as its passion in constantly searching for the best flavor.

    The brewery is also called Sakura Moromachi, and you will quickly notice a cherry blossom (sakura) emblem on the bottle labels. These are important symbols for the brewery, as sakura is the national flower that symbolizes resilience and grace and Muromachi is the era that culture blossomed during the most peaceful time.

    Muromachi Shuzo uses the only pure strain of sake rice in Japan, which is very rare and difficult to cultivate, as well as some of the best quality water in Japan - Omachi spring mineral water. The brewery believes that unique and high quality sake can only be made using all local ingredients.
    The brewery is worldwide-renowned and has gained global recognition in various competitions, their sake have won the grand prize at the Monde Selection and a range of other international spirits competitions.


    The flavourful Bizen Maboroshi Junmai Ginjo sake is made with 100% Bizen Omachi rice, which is quite rare, expensive, and difficult to grow. Omachi rice is noted for its unique umami flavor, which is brought out through a low-temperature fermentation.

    This sake has as a light and sweet aroma, and is delicious chilled. The fragrance is reminiscent of the pleasant smell of fall fruits such as pear and apple, as well as melon, and it has a touch of astringency too. The initial taste is very full-bodied. It spreads in your mouth immediately, and has a pleasant sourness and acidity, and bit of sweetness. The texture is quite thick and almost borderline viscous. The finishing notes of the flavour are hints of light wood, black pepper, and then back to a mild sourness. The nectar-like flavor in this sake pairs well with the sweet vegetables and vegetable tempura.

    This sake has won the most prestigious double gold award in San Francisco International Wine Competition. It also won the gold medal twice in International Review of Wine Competition organised by Beverage Tasting Institute. The gold sticker represents that this sake won the gold prize at the Monde Selection in Brussels.


    This is not your everyday sake, so we recommend it for a special occasion!