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    Captivating flavor of fruit sake

    18 Jul 2018

    Fruit and sake are a great combination. Umeshu is one of the most famous fruit liqueurs but there are many other which are just as delicious.

    Miwaku series produced by Maruishi Shuzo are a great choice of fruit liqueurs. We would like to introduce three different flavors – yuzu, peach and mango. The base for all the three liqueurs is junmai-shu so you can also expect a high-quality taste of sake. The light alcohol percentage of just 7% is attractive even to those who don’t like alcohol and it is perfect for making cocktails.

    If you feel like drinking something refreshing, we recommend trying Miwaku no Yuzu. It is great diluted with soda or for making simple cocktails. Try mixing Miwaku no Yuzu, vodka and a squeeze of fresh lime. Miwaku no Yuzu with gin and tonic is also a great combination if you like a bitter touch.


    Miwaku no Mango is great for those who crave the flavor of tropical fruits. It is made with alphonso mango which is considered to be among the most superior varieties of the fruit in terms of sweetness, richness and flavor. The best way to drink it is mixing with juice. Mix Miwaku no Mango with orange or mango juice to your liking. Match it with dried fruit for the best experience.



    Last but not least one is for juicy peach lovers. Miwaku no Momo is mildly sweet so it goes down very easily. The peach taste gives this sake just the right amount of sweetness. Try mixing it with rum or rose sparkling wine. Add Miwaku no Momo, rum and orange juice to your liking to achieve a tangy and sweet taste.


    Enjoy the fruity feeling!