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    The Best Selling sake from last month ~ Kizakura Nigori Sake 300ml~

    31 May 2017


    The Best Selling sake from last month is Kizakura Nigori Sake 300ml.  We will introduce it.

    ~Product introduction~
    Nigorizake is unfiltered sake and often called cloudy sake in English. Normally, once the fermentation is finished, sake is pressed and divided into clear sake and the white lees. But using the rougher filter to let the little lees go with clean sake is a way to make Nigorizake. Kizakura Nigorizake is a fresh light flavoured low alcohol Nigorizake. It has a mild sweet and sour taste like drinking yogurt and it should be good to be taken chilled or on the ice.

    ~brewer Introduction~
    Kizakura has become a nationallyrenowned brand, and the same can be said for the Kizakura corporate brand character, the Kappa. The company produces three well-known sake brands: Karakuchi Ikkon, Kimoto Yamahai and Honzukuri. It has three restaurants Sho Fu Rou, Jiroku-Tei and Kappa Country, where customers can enjoy all the Kizakura sake as well as its microbrewed beers.
    ~Drinking advice~
    ◎: The chilled
    ◎: Rock