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    ~Sake Network in Kyoto~

    09 Feb 2017


    This time, I will introduce Kyoto's famous brewery.
    Kyoto -Fushimi, where sake making was popular as a town of sake brewery, especially in ancient times in Kyoto. Fushimi, the gateway of Kyoto City, consists of the plains along the three rivers Katsuragawa, Kamogawa and Uji River, and the mountain ranges of mountains with the hills as the south edge.
    Fushimi is a place rich in high-quality underground water to such an extent that it was also written as "freshwater". Smooth and mellow, specifically the balance of elements such as potassium and calcium in the medium-hard water that is of the perfect quality and composition for making sake.
    Currently, the sake brewery in Fushimi continues a new challenge while preserving the old tradition. Among them, the recommendation you choose from a liquor store with handling is here.

    <1-Saito Shuzo co.,Ltd.>
    Founding Meiji 28 years. At that time they sold it under the trademarks such as "Otaka", but in commemoration of the throne of 4th year Emperor Taisho, they made it the current representative trademark "Eikun".
    Through long experiences, they have won the Golden Award for 14 consecutive years, ranked first in the National sake Competition with high skill.

    <2-Kizakura Co.,Ltd.>
    First generation Matsumoto Harurokuro started in Fushimi in 1914. "Kappa" has settled as an image character. In addition, They completed a modern sake brewery and expanded our sales channels nationwide. While inheriting the traditional sake culture, they focused on the development of products that insist on the individuality of each sake, with the motto "Quality-oriented sake brewing". Launched long-selling 'KinjirushiHakuzakura' 'Yamahaijikomi' etc.

    <2-Yamamoto Honke Co.,Ltd.>
    Located in the heart of Kyoto, Yamamoto Honke was founded in 1677 at its present location, Fushimi.
    Benefiting from the soft and rich spring water, Shiragikusui (water of white chrysanthemum) the brewery continues to produce excellent sake which is the perfect match for traditional Japanese cuisine.
    The brewery owns izakaya style restaurants in several locations in Kyoto and Osaka, with its main restaurant converted from a sake warehouse.


    酒-日本地図-京都-760x250 今回、京都の有名酒蔵を紹介します。
    京都の中でも特に古くから酒蔵のまちとして、酒づくりが盛んだった京都・伏見。京都の玄関口「伏見」は、桂川、鴨川、宇治川の3つの川に沿った平野部と丘陵を 南端とする東山連峰の山並みからなります。また質の高い地下水が豊富で、滑らかで優しい水。具体的には、中硬水中のカリウムやカルシウムなどの成分のバランスが、酒造りに最適です。現在、伏見にある多くの酒蔵が、古き伝統を守りながら新たな挑戦を続けています。

    <1-齋藤酒造 株式会社>