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    The Best Selling Saka From Last Month!!~Choya Uji Green Tea Umeshu 720ml~

    05 Jan 2017

    The Best Selling sake from last month is Choya Uji Green Tea Umeshu 720ml.  We will introduce it.

    ~Product introduction~
    This is a total new product from the world most famous Umeshu distiller CHOYA JAPAN. CHOYA blend 100% Japanese premium plum & Kyoto Uji's premium green tea leaves together to make this beautiful green tea flavour Umeshu. With its refreshing fragrance, light soft touch on your palate & smooth long semi dry finish, you would enjoy this unique umeshu with most of Japanese dishes. Drink straight in chill or mix with Ice. Lower in alcohol than the normal Choya.

    ~brewer Introduction~
    Choya manufactures is Mie Prefecture (The middle of Japan) .It is the most famous liquor store in plum wine. It is carefully selected plum fruit best for making plum wine, with a large grain and thick flesh, high acidity "Nankou Ume" plum wine in a traditional way that plums over about a year.

    ~Drinking advice~
    ◎: The chilled
    ◎: Rock

        CHOYA Greentea