~The Best Selling sake From last Month!!~Nakano BC Yuzu Umeshu 720ml

07 Dec 2016


The Best Selling sake from last month is Nakano BC Yuzu Umeshu 720ml.  We will introduce it.

~Product introduction~
Yuzu is a Japanese original citrus cross between Mandarin & Lime. It has a quite refreshing sweet, sour & bitter flavour. Nakano BC Yuzu Umeshu is a unique blend of  Yuzu Juice which is extracted from Yuzu grown in the most famous region for, called Shikoku Island. Japanese top 2 popular fruit/citrus "Ume & Yuzu" blended in a perfect sense. Can't get wrong!

~brewer Introduction~
NakanoBC  is a brand of Japanese sake brewed in Wakayama.
The high quality Japanese sake, is very carefully hand-worked by our highly qualified touji (brew-masters) and kurabito (his staff) with the infiltrated natural water from Fujishiro Mountain Range for brewing.
They use a quality species “Nanko-ume” for making Ume liqueur among the many species. “Nanko-ume” is the produce of Wakayama, where Nakano BC is located,  well known farm in Japan. The fruit of Nanko-ume is very big in size and features thick and soft flesh.

~Point of good taste~
NakanoBC Yuzu Umeshu is elegant taste with rich fragrance of plum and acidity of yuzu. It  match with white fish carpaccio and sashimi!

~Drinking advice~
◎: The chilled
◎: Rock
○: soda