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    Japanese Style Taste

    28 Oct 2016


    ~"Mentaiko Furikake" de Cod roe French toast~
    Something salty and spicy, such fish and Seasoned cod roe are popular among snacks of sake. For example, Snack of toast rich flavored with sprinkled  Mentai matches umeshu.

    <Material (one piece of bread)>
    One bread
    ● Mentaiko Furikake ... 1 tbsp
    ● Mayonnaise ... 1 tbsp
    ● Red pepper ... as desired
    Margarine or butter ... as desired
    Dried parsley (if you like) ... as desired
    (Also delicious added to the garlic powder to ● if you like)

    <How to make>
    ① Mix the ●.
    ② Spread thinner margarine or butter on bread, and spread ①.
    ③ Bake To browned in the toaster oven.

    ①               ②                ③

     作り方1   作り方2   明太パン

    It is deep seasoning.
    If you like light taste, slightly reduce the amount of Mentaiko Furikake or increase the mayonnaise.
    When made with French bread instead of white bread, you can more delicious.

                めんたいふりかけ            ゆず梅酒

            ADDTOCART         ADDTOCART




    < 材料 (食パン1枚分) >

    < 作り方 >
    ① ● を混ぜ合わせる
    ② 食パンにマーガリンかバターを薄く塗り、①を塗る。
    ③ オーブントースターでこんがりと焼く。

    ①               ②                ③

     作り方1   作り方2   明太パン


          めんたいふりかけ     ゆず梅酒

            ADDTOCART         ADDTOCART