What do oranges, love and Japan all have in common?

11 Apr 2019

What is Orange Day?

What do oranges, love and Japan all have in common? Well, usually nothing, unless it’s April 14th that is! A new holiday has emerged called, Orange Day and it’s spreading fast. It was started by citrus farmers, in 1994, in the Ehime Prefecture region of Japan. This holiday is not only a hay day for orange farmers but for other companies looking for a new market. Even Disney has made little gifts displaying Mickey’s famous ears in orange! There is also a drama series in Japan called “Orange Days” which aired in 2004.

On February 14, Japanese celebrate the romantic holiday Valentine's Day by women giving their partners gifts, often homemade chocolates.

On March 14, White Day, men give their partners gifts. Some follow the tradition of "triple the return" by giving gifts that are about three times more costly than whatever they received on Valentine's Day.

The Orange Day is a new day to express your love for each other together. On Orange Days, both people give gifts to each other – either oranges or orange colored gift.

You might be thinking what oranges have to do with love. First, orange trees produce beautiful white flowers which represent the bride’s purity. Also, the tree bears a lot of fruit and trees which display this are said to represent fertility and prosperity as well.

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Yuzu Umeshu is the perfect gift for Orange Day!

Surprise your loved ones with a bottle of yuzu umeshu on Orange Day!

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus lemon that is valued for its highly aromatic rind. The fruit is believed to be a hybrid of a papeda and a mandarin. Nakano BC Yuzu Umeshu is a unique blend of yuzu juice, which was extracted from fruits in Shikoku Island and umeshu liqueur. Kochi prefecture in Shikoku island is the number one producer of yuzu in Japan. This blend is sweet and refreshingly sour with a subtle bitterness.

It has a relatively low alcohol content which makes it easy to drink and can be enjoyed even by people who generally dislike alcohol.

Nakano BC Yuzu Umeshu is great as an aperitif with light meals such as salads, sandwiches or desserts. We also recommend pairing it with carpaccio and oily foods because of its refreshing taste. Drink well chilled or over ice!